Transition management


When you become a transition manager at Expering, you join a strong network of freelance consultants. 

« The junior at Expering is not 25 years old, he has more than 25 years of working experience »       

What is the Transition Management ? 

Companies request for transition management when they face situations of emergency or crisis. A technical expert will be hired to get a project succesfully done. A manager will ensure the activity keeps going in the case of a long absence or a leaving from a key executive.

This corresponds to the recruitment of a capable person, for a defined period. The transition manager is fully operational, he can take his duties right away.

Having a firm like Expering as a recruitment partner gives access to recognised experts and professionals. The database of candidates and the reactivity of Expering ensure you will get a potential profile within 72 hours after your request. Expering will manage the contract between the expert and the client company, and will take care of all administrative aspects.

One in three companies aims to hire a transition manager to manage a transformation project, what about you ?

Access to a network of 300 premium independant consultants, and to Expering afterworks and events

Dedicated support from Expering : creation of your company, access to our partners (legal, insurance, health, retirement), coaching before mission

Possibility to certify your professional references and to save them in your own virtual safe (blockchain technology)

How to join the EXPERING network ? 


You are a manager or a technical expert and have more than 25 years experience, please leave your resume here.

First contact with EXPERING

To get to know more about your profesionnal career and your expectation for the future.


Then we’ll meet you to know more about you. We’ll discuss the potential missions that might be of an interest for you.

Check of references

To ensure qualitative expert to our clients, we’ll discuss with 2 professional references you will have given to us.

Welcome in the EXPERING community

You are now part of a true network of expert who regularly socialize during in house events.

Project Director Military vehicles

Sector : Defense

Supply Chain Management Relay

Sector : Aviation

Technical expertise critical software

Sector : Defense

Management of a logistics center

Sector : Defense

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