Interim Management

Call on a consultant


Because the environment of your projects becomes more complex and more competitive, because there are stages in your transformation programs that require technical and managerial excellence, you can not get the work done without a tailor made response. The are domains where expertise is a must.

What is the Interim Management ?

Companies request for interim management when they face situations of emergency or crisis. A technical expert will be hired to get a project succesfully done. A manager will ensure the activity keeps going in the case of a long absence or a leaving from a key executive. This corresponds to the recruitment of a capable person, for a defined period.

The interim manager is fully operational, he can take his duties right away.

Get a firm like Expering as a recruitment partner gives access to recognised experts and professionals. The database of candidates and the reactivity of Expering ensure you will get a potential profile within 72 hours after your request. Expering will manage the contract between the expert and the client company, and will take care of all administrative aspects.

One in three companies aims to hire an interim manager to manage a transformation project, what about you ?

Instant access to expertise : with our 300 experts, highly coopted, we can find a solution in a record time.

Expering partners have a greate experience in engineering and are fully qualified to deliver a tailor made solution.

All our managers or technical experts have chosen to operate as freelance consultants, hence they bring stability and flexibility to our clients.